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Flowgital’s supplier evaluation, whether for a new or current vendor, it’s important to gauge the company’s production capacity, performance, risk, quality, and environmental impact. However, gauging these factors by itself will get you nowhere without an organized approach to the evaluation and a larger framework to make the assessment information work for organization.

At Flowgital’s guide, we’ll be going over some of the most crucial factors in conducting supplier evaluations, as well as how to ensure evaluations are successful. First, however, we’ll be diving into why supplier assessments are important and how to set up a larger vendor evaluation system to ensure you can get the fullest benefit from your evaluation data.

Why Flowgital’s Conduct a Supplier Assessment?

A strong supply chain is the backbone of a successful business. Regardless of your industry, close working relationships with your suppliers will streamline production timelines, minimize operating costs, and guarantee the quality of your products.

Why Flowgital’s Put a Vendor Evaluation System in Place?

Supplier performance evaluation should be a regular part of your company’s procurement activities, not just a procedure reserved for vetting new vendors. 

What Flowgital’s do to Assess Supplier Evaluation

Vendor evaluation is largely founded on data. Therefore, this should be a carefully structured process, centered on quantifiable performance indicators such as delivery times, production costs, and inventory levels.